Performance Column 1a

Investigate questions like:

  • • Which materials are resistant to corrosion in a particular environment?
  • • What is the corrosion rate for a certain material in a specific environment?
  • • Where did the data come from? How was the test or measurement made? 

Search by material or environment to find the answers you need. This feature is a unique database system for the capture, control, analysis and application of critical materials data in the engineering process. Granta MI provides a proven software solution for speeding innovation, improving quality and reducing risk.

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Performance Column 1b



Quick Search on the toolbar searches all tables for words or phrases. Advanced Search lets you construct a more detailed query, and limit your search to a particular table or certain property values.


View the database on a table by table basis. Records are classified in a hierarchical fashion.


Compare, export, or edit selected records. Generate comparison tables and more.


Performance Column 2

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