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    Cathodic and Anodic Protection: Effect of Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors on Cathodic Protection

    Published: December 01, 2018
    Author(s): Khalil M. Abed, Cortec Middle-East, Dubai, United Arab Emirates Calvin R. Pynn, Prydwen International, Inc., Collingwood, Ontario, Canada

    Volatile corrosion inhibitors (VCIs) and cathodic protection (CP) are applied jointly to effectively mitigate corrosion in both the electrolytic and vapor-phase exposures on the soil-side of tank bottoms. The electrochemical characteristics of available VCI...

    Journal article from Materials Performance, Volume 57, No. 12, December 2018 (NACE International)

    NACE Standard TM0112-2018 Standard Test Method: Test to Determine the Potential Corrosion Effects of Ballast Water Treatment Systems on Ballast Tanks (NACE International)

    Published: October 12, 2018

    Ballast water carried by ships keeps them upright during loading and offloading operations and provides balance, stability, and trim during sailing. Because ballast water is loaded from the surrounding port or coastal waters, organisms in the ballast water...

    Standard from NACE Standards (NACE International)

    Classic: Feasibility Studies on Cathodic Protection of Deep Well External Casing Surfaces

    Published: September 01, 2018
    Author(s): F. E. Blount and P. W. Bolmer Socony Mobil Oil Company, Inc. Dallas, Texas

    Corrosion of Soil-Side Surface of oil well casing is recognized as a major production corrosion problem, and considerable attention has been paid to cathodic protection as a means of control. With this in mind, objectives of this study were established (1) to...

    Journal article from Materials Performance, Volume 57, No. 9, September 2018 (NACE International)

    Feature Article: Cathodic Protection in Arctic Conditions Study

    Published: August 01, 2018
    Author(s): Nicolas Larché, Erwan Diler, Jean Vittonato, and Sergey Shumovskiy

    Editor’s Note: Yamal LNG, one of the largest liquefied natural gas (LNG) projects in the world, processes natural gas from the giant onshore South Tambey gas and condensate field located on the Yamal Peninsula in the Arctic region of the Russian Federation. Yamal...

    Journal article from Materials Performance, Volume 57, No. 8, August 2018 (NACE International)

    NACE Standard TM0397-2018 Standard Test Method: Screening Tests for Evaluating the Effectiveness of Gypsum Scale Removers (NACE International)

    Published: June 01, 2018

    Presents test methods for screening the effectiveness of two types of gypsum scale removers—one for scale dissolvers and another for scale converters. Listed are necessary apparatus, reagents, and procedures for conducting these screening tests.

    Standard from NACE Standards (NACE International)

    Featured Article: New Visions for CIPS and DCVG New instrumentation technology in the pipeline survey industry has helped produce and deliver results for the pipeline surveyor, analyst, and operator

    Published: June 01, 2018
    Author(s): Elizabeth Nicholson, Cathodic Technology, Ltd.

    As pipeline survey data increase with the use of close interval potential survey (CIPS) and direct current voltage gradient (DCVG) technologies in the cathodic protection (CP) industry, the way data are visualized has changed to reflect the increased amount of...

    Journal article from Materials Performance, Volume 57, No. 6, June 2018 (NACE International)

    Classic: Cathodic Protection: Probes for Evaluating CP Effectiveness on Undersides of Hot Asphalt Storage Tanks

    Published: June 01, 2018
    Author(s): John H. Fitzgerald III Corrpro Companies, Inc., Grosse Pointe Park, Michigan

    New liquid asphalt storage tanks maintained at high temperatures require accurate corrosion evaluation of the undersides of steel bottom plates. Measurements at tank periphery are not representative. Steel corrosion probes suitable as coupons and fitted with...

    Journal article from Materials Performance, Volume 57, No. 6, June 2018 (NACE International)

    Cathodic Protection: An Alternative View of the Cathodic Protection Mechanism on Buried Pipelines

    Author(s): R.A. Gummow, S. Segall, and D. Fingas, Corrosion Service Co., Ltd.

    The conventional understanding of the cathodic protection (CP) mechanism is illustrated in the definition of CP arising from the research of Mears and Brown in 1938. That is, CP is complete when the corrosion cell cathodes are polarized electronegatively to the...

    Journal article from Materials Performance, Volume 56, No. 3, March 2017 (NACE International)

    NACE Standard TM0399-2018: Determination of Phosphonate Concentration in Water

    Published: April 06, 2018

    This standard test method is a colorimetric determination of low concentrations of phosphonate residuals in water from oil and gas production, water injection/disposal, and other industrial applications. This standard is maintained by Task Group (TG) 414.

    Standard from NACE Standards (NACE International)

    Material Matters: April 2018

    Published: April 01, 2018

    Articles include: Retrofitting an Offshore Jacket with Impressed Current Cathodic Protection, Field-Gradient Sensor Measures Electric Currents in Seawater, Outer Space—The Ultimate in Benign Locations

    Journal article from Materials Performance, Volume 57, No. 4, April 2018 (NACE International)